Design Brief

Security: Design Brief


Problem: Security and personal information being shared online without our notice or permissions.

Secondary Research:


When it comes to our online and application use, information security is one of the biggest issues today. The internet is an open market for information and many disclosures the world takes no time to read. Different companies such as Google and Amazon access our microphone and we can see firsthand the access and power these companies have when our ads are not curated off of past searches, but what we said during lunch hour. It is a shocking and frustrating topic for online users and is posing huge issues for larger companies and government data banks.

Target Users: This app will target anyone with an online presence or user of a mobile device (iPhone, Android, MacBook, etc.). It is a tool for the high school student as well as their teachers and family. Everyone is concerned with digital and online security and providing a way to access all of the information simply in one place is an application that can be used of every background and age.

Competitive Audit:

Apps on the market today: Lookout / McAfee / Kaspersky

There are little to none security apps available on the market today. The majority provide protection from viruses and malware, not your online profile.

Proposed Design Solution:

Create an app that allows it’s users to view their privacy agreements and policies with other companies in a simplified organized way. The app will also help alert the user when their policies change, or news events occur around cyber security. They will be able to view their overall online profile/information being shared across all platforms: photos, logged messages, personal information, and more.